May 12, 2016


Centrally located, Spacious, poshed  & equipped with all modern activities.

Central Cooling System

Modular O.T

Boyle’s Machine Defibrillator, Pulse Oximeter

Labour Room

  • Equipped as per ICU Standards.

  • Monitored round the clock by the Doctors and Anesthetists.

  • Easy access to the Operation Theatre complex.

  • Infrapartum Monitoring.

  • Monitoring of Twins.

High Risk Pregnancy Unit

Video Endoscopic Surgery (Minimal Invasive Surgery)

State of the Art, Infertility Treatment & A.R.T. Center

Cancer detection & Treatment

  • PAP Smear Testing

  • Video Endoscopy

Adolescent Health Clinic

Menopausal Clinic

Modern Family Planning Services

Government Recognized M.T.P. Center

PCPNDT Recognized Sonography Center

Management of Breast Diseases


  • Cystoscopy

  • Ureterorenoscopy

  • TURP

  • Lithotripsy

  • PCNL

  • Male Infertility

  • All other Urological Surgeries

General Surgeries